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My Vet Isn’t That Keen On Me Switching My Dog To A Raw Diet……

We share some of your vet’s concerns when raw diets are not fed properly. Dogs are, however, well equipped to eat raw meat and bones as the major part of a balanced diet and enjoy the benefits of a fresh food diet instead of processed foods (in exactly the same way as health professionals encourage us humans to stay healthy)

There are several steps that should be followed to ensure that you optimise the nutrition in your dog’s raw diet and we have outlined these in our downloadable guide to feeding our meats.

How Do You Ensure Nutritional Balance

Catherine Hutchison BCCS Dip Can Health Nut, MSFTR has been advising on raw diets for over 20 years and has gone on to study Canine Health and Nutrition and Canine Nutrigenomics. New raw feeders are encouraged to book a one to one consultation and support packages are available to help with transition to a balanced raw diet and meal planning.

Can I Add Your Meats To Dry Dog Foods?

There are many fresh foods that you can add to your dog’s dry food to take advantage of extra vitamins, minerals and nutrients which include some fruits and veg (check what’s safe) and even canned oily fish in water such as sardines and mackerel. We don’t, however, recommend adding in raw meats for a few reasons.


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